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gourd rattles for the
shamanic practitioner.

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Visit the photo gallery to see rattles available for immediate purchase 

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      Shaman rattles, hand-made with care 

Our hand-crafted tools are designed for use by the shamanic practioner. They're created with care, using shamanic technique, journeywork and plenty of input from our spirit allies.

Whether you seek a rattle to honor the power animals with whom you partner, a mask for dance or healing work, altar bowls or other items for your shaman's tool kit, we invite you to contact us.

Each rattle contains a dozen of the gourd's own seeds, for good medicine, in addition to shamanically prepared rattle contents.

These include an item that is specific to the rattle's owner, as guided by the spirits, to resonate with her or him when the rattle is used.

We work with you, and journey, to discover how the rattle is to be decorated.

 Gourd cups for drinking yerba mate tea are available for order. They can also be purchased at our Gettysburg studio.

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