Shamanic Art

gourd rattles for the
shamanic practitioner.


Shamanic Art studio is located at 17 on the Square in the Waldo & Co. community art center, Lincoln Square, Gettysburg, Pa. Visit us if you come to town!

Dianne Lorden is an artist and a trained shamanic practitioner. She has received training in the Michael Harner method of Core Shamanism through the Raven's Drum (previously Raven Walk) two-year intensive and advanced training programs. She has also studied with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. For more information, see the Links page.

See Dianne's fine art at South Mountain Sketchbook.

 Dianne is listed among the shamanic healers on Please visit that site for a shamanic healer in your area.

 Craig Lorden is a trained shamanic practitioner, having received (and continuing education through) Raven's Drum (previously Raven Walk) two-year intensive and advanced training programs, as well as through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. His specialty is psychopomp, and he can be reached by email at [email protected]

For further information, see the Healing Practice and Links pages.




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