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Events and News

Shamanic Art and Zen & Now metaphysical shop in Gettysburg offer monthly shaman circles. Circles are free, although donations are accepted for the use of the space. They are held at Zen & Now, 48 York St., Gettysburg, Pa. Sign up by visiting

Fall 2016 dates TBA

Intuition is a system for improving your intuitive abilities. While it's in the form of a game, to make it fun and easy to do, it is designed to give you real, measurable results over time. One set of cards in a cloth sack with instructions is $29. Write to for details or submit a form (above).

Mate Gourd Tea Cups
Care and Preparation

To order a custom-made Shamanic Art Mate Gourd Tea Cup, write to [email protected] or submit a form (above).

Cup sets with gourd cup, bamboo straw, three starter yerba mate tea bags to season, and instructions are $24.

Mate Gourds

Preparing and drinking Yerba mate is a process. Refer to your tea-maker’s website for more ideas. Here are simple steps to get you started.

Season cup:

Mate gourd cups must be seasoned before use, to allow the tea to be absorbed into the inner skin of the gourd. A cured gourd will perform better and last longer. Repeated use will enrich the flavor and experience of your Yerba Mate over time. Your Shamanic Art gourd came with tea  bags for seasoning, but you can also season with loose tea. Place all three tea bags in the gourd and pour hot (160-180 degrees), not boiling, water to just below the rim. (Boiling water may crack the gourd.) Allow your filled gourd to sit for 24 hours. As the gourd absorbs water, or as some may evaporate, you can add hot water during this time. When the time is up, pour it out, discard the tea bags and rinse the gourd with fresh water. Now you can make your mate. (The inner shell of Shamanic Art gourds have been cleaned, so scraping is not necessary.)

Make tea:

Pour loose tea to fill at least 1/3 of the gourd cup. Cover with your hand and shake the cup until the powdery tea is at the bottom and the “stemmy” pieces are on top. Tilt the cup to position the loose tea against the side of the gourd, rather than on the bottom. Press the bombilla (filter end down) against the tea, which will help keep the tea in place along the side. Gently pour a little tepid water directly on the tea to moisten, and wait 30 seconds, as the tea absorbs the water. This important step helps protect the nutrients. Return the cup to a level position, keeping the bombilla against the surface of the tea. The tea should stay put, on the side. Then pour hot (160-180 degrees), not boiling, water in the gourd. Do not stir! Keep the bombilla in place over the tea; this helps to keep the straw from clogging as you drink. Steep to taste. Enjoy!

Care of gourd:

Season the gourd before first use. Always allow the gourd to dry completely in between uses, to prevent mold from growing - rinse it out and tilt it to drain while still getting air. Never place your gourd cup in a dishwasher. Rinse by hand. Don’t drop it! Store in a well ventilated area.

The bombilla: 

This natural bamboo tea straw has a filter end to strain loose tea as you drink, and stays cool. Hand wash.

The tea:

Your Shamanic Art gourd mate cup comes with three 3g-bags of EcoTeas 100% unsmoked organic Fair Trade Yerba Mate. Naturally caffeinated. Visit 


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