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gourd rattles for the
shamanic practitioner.

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Our gourds grown in Pennsylvania: either Meadow Brook Gourd Farm, Carlisle; or our Gettysburg property.

We use a variety of woods for handles and cap dowels.

Rattles are entirely hand-crafted and personalized in terms of both the interior contents and exterior images. The artwork is painted and/or pyro-engraved (etched with a wood burner).

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The design for your rattle begins with your vision and your information. Whether you seek to honor a power animal or helping spirit, create a tool for a specific kind of healing work or evoke a spirit of place, the story of your rattle begins with you.

For detailed instructions on placing an order, visit:

I Think I Want a Rattle.


 Below are  samples of full-color illustrations used to help plan rattles that require complex designs. As described above, this is done for an additional fee (depending upon the work needed) but is necessary in some cases.

We also work in non-ordinary reality to come up with imagery that will honor your vision. Tell us as much or as little as you like to get us started! 


Each gourd rattle is entirely unique and comes with complete documentation of the journeywork involved in the process of making it. Each rattle contains a dozen of the gourd's own seeds, for good medicine, as well as various specially prepared rattle contents.

In addition, each custom-ordered rattle contains an object within it that will resonate with that person in particular as he or she uses the rattle. This is a result of work with spirit guides. Embellishments may include beads, clay items, bones, feathers, shells, leather or other natural objects.

These personalized gourd rattles should be treated as sacred objects that build in power as they are used.



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